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The Daily/Weekly/Monthly Fresh Start

I write this post from my new laptop. I just got a Sony Vaio and I can tell you I love it already! But, okay, let’s get to business…

Are you familiar with the term “food baby”? It’s that terrible bloating you get after eating too much (usually carb-heavy) food. Well I have one right now. In fact I’ve had it for the past few days and I’m sick of sucking it in. But it just dawned on me today that, “Hey, it’s July 30–that means I’ll have a new start in the new month!”

Am I the only person that does that? The commencement of a new month means a new attempt at health. And when that fails in the first week, I change that start day to Sunday…and then I realize that, “Wait, it’s only Monday, okay I’ll start tomorrow” and then it goes to the next day and so on and so forth until “Oh, it’s September! Time to be healthy now!”

Why can’t I start now? There’s no better time like the present.

Well, now that I’ve asked that I already have an answer. Eating healthy sucks. Working out sucks. I would much rather just imagine myself having the body of my dreams and then opening my eyes and that imaginary me becoming real me.

But, if you want to look a certain way, you’ve got to do it. Which…sucks.

Tonight I have a soccer game, and I’ll play hard to make up for not working out or anything during the day today. And tomorrow I’ll start being healthier. And if tomorrow doesn’t work out, the next day I’ll begin.

Okay, maybe this post hasn’t changed anything, but I’m going to make a real effort this next month before I leave for school to get ma shit togethaaa.

– K