I’ve realized that I haven’t updated my blog as often as I’d like to, so I’m kind of forcing myself to write this though my brain is clouded in a sleepy haze at the moment.

I’ve been away at university for not three weeks and so far I absolutely love it here. Though I have had bouts of missing people and wanting to be alone (honestly, that first week where I was forced to socialize in order to make and keep friends was exhausting), there really isn’t anywhere I’d rather be.

I’m sure my delight is also partially due to the fact that I will be going home for Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll be there for such a short time it seems almost redundant, but when my dad told me he’d booked the ticket I became a lot happier. I cannot wait to see my friends, but I’m sure that just a few days at home will be make overly eager to get back.

Life here has been amazing. I’ve found so many like-minded people, a task that was very hard at home. However, again, I still miss my friends.

Everything’s good.

Okay, I’ll stop wasting your time and write something worthwhile next time…my past few posts haven’t been very thrilling.

– K

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