Suck It and See: Why This Is My Favourite Arctic Monkeys Album (IDST)


Okay, so anyone who knows me knows that my favourite band in the whole entire world is Arctic Monkeys, a group of four from Sheffield, England (my father’s birthplace) described as an indie rock band on the all-knowing Wikipedia.

My obsession began in 2007 when I first heard “Fluorescent Adolescent” of their second album, Favourite Worst Nightmare, and I have been hooked ever since. Last summer they released their fourth studio album Suck It and See. Though some people I’ve spoken to loathe it as it is a departure from the sound that brought them into the spotlight, it immediately became my go-to playlist. This album is pure gold.

Being an occasional writer, what draws me to a lot of music is the lyrics. Here, ladies and gents, is why Suck It and See just may be my favourite album of all time. (To elaborate, I’m just going to post my favourite lyrics from each song…)

Track 1: She’s Thunderstorms [x]

My favourite line is in the title. “Thunderstorms”–immediate imagery. She’s electric, she’s the rumblings in the sky, she’s the girl you want to fall asleep with…how romantic! I’d love to be called thunderstorms.

She does what the night does to the day…

Track 2: Black Treacle[x]

This song is my favourite of the album. I will never forget the joy I felt when it started playing in the middle of my shift at work.

Now it’s getting dark and the sky looks sticky, more like black treacle than tar…

I have an odd interpretation of these lyrics. So I’m not sharing. I’ll keep it to myself and let you think of it what you will.

Track 3: Brick by Brick[x]

And Matt Helders, the Rhythm Panther, takes it away with the vocals!

I wanna build you up…I wanna break you down…I’m gonna reconstruct…I wanna feel your love…

Relationships. Ups and downs. Cool tune. Got it? Moving along…

Track 4: The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala[x]

Her steady hands may well have done the Devil’s pedicure.

Metaphor! Just a good one, not cheesy or stupid. This song is just too groovy too. It inspired me for one of my Facebook profile pictures. Goodness, I love this tune.

Track 5: Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair[x]

I’ll be honest: I was not a fan of this song the very first time I heard it. The title is a hit-or-miss, and at first it was a miss to me. However it very soon became a hit once I started listening to it more. I felt bad ass doing my “kung-fu fighting” hand motions. Anyways, point of the song (imo) if you didn’t get it: don’t mess with [the singer] because he’s not someone you want to take chances with. Do any other “dangerous” thing, but watch your back when he’s around.

Break the mirror, roll the dice, run with scissors…

Track 6: Library Pictures[x]

Give me an eeny, meeny miny moe. Or an ipp dipp, dog-shit rock and roll.

Okay, Alex Turner even admitted this wasn’t a lyrically-driven song. All about the guitars. Not my favourite of the album, but it’s a killer song to run to.

Track 7: All My Own Stunts[x]

And sorrow slow dances around the edges of her eyes…

Track 8: Reckless Serenade[x]

I love this song! Yet another of my favourites.

Call up and listen to the voice of reason and got his answering machine.

Track 9: Piledriver Waltz [x]

So I think I’ve listened to this song the most on the whole album. Mostly because it’s included on the soundtrack for the movie Submarine, which happens to be one of my favourite movies. Alex Turner, the lead singer, wrote 6 songs for the movie. And they’re all awesome. This song was revamped with a full band for the album.

I constantly describe myself as breakfasting at the Heartbreak Hotel (see my tumblr and twitter). I also love the line:

If you’re gonna try and walk on water make sure you wear your comfortable shoes.

If you’re going to do the impossible, at least be comfortable while you do it. Which is a bit of a contradiction. Or maybe not…

Track 10: Love is a Laserquest[x]

Another beautiful song. Rather slower than expected from Arctic Monkeys, but…wow.

Do you look into the mirror to remind yourself you’re there, or have somebody’s goodnight kisses got that covered? But I’m not being honest, I’ll pretend you were just some lover.

Track 11: Suck It and See[x]

Be cruel to me, ’cause I’m a fool for you.

The premise is that he’s found a girl unlike any other and he wants her so badly, he begs her to give him a chance. It’s just put so poetically. Though, being a song, I suppose that’s to be expected…

I poured my aching heart into a pop song, I couldn’t get the hang of poetry.

Track 12: That’s Where You’re Wrong [x]

This was my first favourite of the album.

Make a wish that weights a tonne. There are no handles for you to hold, no understanding where it goes.

Sometimes in life you have to make choices in which you don’t know the outcome. Don’t always go with the safe option.

But it could mean something else too. Again, I just love the lyrics.

I can tell you, I’ll be listening to this album for a long time. In addition, they have some excellent B-sides such as”You and I” and “Evil Twin”.

– K

*IDST: If Destroyed Still True

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