Hello there!

Hello, o’ reader,

My name is Kiah (rhymes with “papaya”, hence the URL) and I am 19 years old from Southern Ontario, Canada. However, in…43 days, 2 hours, 9 minutes, 21 seconds (I have a counter) I will be moving across the country to the beautiful Vancouver for school! To say I am extremely excited is a harsh understatement.

I have a lot of interests and know about a lot of things. I’m a Wikipedia junkie who knows way too much about movies and actors. However, as an aspiring actress myself, I don’t think this fact is so bad.

Let’s see, what else can I say about myself…

I’m good at eating and arguing. I love music. My favourite bands are Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, and Mumford & Sons. I get emotional every time I listen to the M&S song “After the Storm”. I love playing sports and being active. I once wanted to be a professional soccer player, but traded that dream for my love of film. I love to make friends. I’m a huge fan of alcohol. My favourite weekday is Tuesday because that’s cheap night at the movie theatres, but otherwise I am currently living for the weekend. I am empathetic, almost to a fault. Likewise I am independent almost to a fault. I like to speak my mind. I don’t like oppression. I’m very passionate about the things I love. I have a very short attention-span. I’m in my head a lot. I like to dream. I like to have feelings for boys that I can never have. I like the idea of love, but don’t think I believe in it for myself. Except for hot dogs. Because I love hot dogs…

That might about sum it up. If you’re familiar with my Tumblr, you probably realize that I’ve copied & pasted my “about me” from there. I have no shame, there’s only so much you can write about yourself. And I’m all for recycling.

Well I’m going to go off an write an awesome post now. If you’re wondering what to expect from me, I’m a short opinion essay writer. Quite informal, although sometimes I’ll read F. Scott Fitzgerald before writing and get a little spicy with my words (Is that what I mean to say? No, it is not.).
Until next time!

– K


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